Guys, how come you never apologize for breaking a heart? Do guys not feel guilty?

My friends and I have encountered lots of guys

Guys that break up with you without saying anything
Guys that lead you on and deny it
Guys who cheat
Guys who tell all their friends on the football team what you do together in private
Guys who secretly record sex and show people
Guys who use girls for sex and then dump them
Guys that lie control and manipulate
Etc. If I ever did any of these things I would never have a peace of mind. I would feel guilty and write or tell that person who I hurt I am truly sorry. I know thats one of the main reasons why I feel animosity towardy exs. They never apologized for hurting me so much, they never acknowledged their role in my hurt. Because it took me 6 months to get over my first heartbreak and I felt like it would destroy me. It didn't but why can't guys admit and apologize for their roles in a girl's nightmares, a girl's tears, a girl's shame (of being used or exposed) a girl's change of eating habits because she's so depressed, or the way a girl will probably never love that hard again because of what you've done. Seriously? Guys dont feel guilty AT ALL? I can't imagine that someone could be this cold and without feelings.
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  • You are describing a specific type of behavior there and there might be a correlation between that behavior and low morals standards. That's why those kind of people wouldn't apologize.


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