Am I too emotional or overreacting?

Lately I've been feeling super distant from my boyfriend. At the beginning of our relationship he used to take me on these fun adventures or we'd just drive somewhere far away to hangout and he'd always text and call me. We have been dating for 11 months and now I am moving in with him. Although I have been living with him for about 6months now. The thing is he had to work demanding hours pretty much all this year from 4am-9pm pretty much 7 days a week so he was always at work and we didn't spend much time together but I hung in there because I do love him. I just don't know if I am making a mistake by moving in with him now. It's been about two and a half weeks into his four month vacation and all this time he's been really distant from me. He loves to fish because that's his job but I feel like our relationship is in trouble because often he will make plans with his fishing friends and just leave and not tell me. I try to suggest things we could do together like we used to because I really want to connect with him but lately he just seems to want to have sex with me and go fishing for hours. I've approached him about it before he gets mad and says I'm trapping him or he wants his old life back where he could just go fishing and not have to worry about anything. I just want to connect with him, understandably because he's been gone most of the year but whenever I try to reach out I hit a dead end. What is happening? Am I wasting my time. I've communicated with him so many times about this.


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  • overreacting


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