Does he know that I like him?

A year ago we hooked up and slept together, after a night out. A month later he asked me out on a date over the holidays and 2 days later we hung out again. But I was still in school, 2 hours away so we'd just hook up whenever we would see eachother. I have moved back after finishing school and we have been hooking up ever since... I have really fallen for him! I like him and actually do care about him. But we've never really talked about what we are or our feelings at all, so I asked him if he liked me and he said of course so I told him I do too, and that I care about him, but he was sort of in disbelief (We were both been drinking). I am partially to blame, because I've only told him liked him once when I drunk messaged him.. And have never said anything about wanting more... But I'm always the one inviting him to come out with me and my friends, and ALWAYS messaging him first, Drunk messaging him a lot, wishing him luck on an exam etc but then I guess I do things that could confuse him like talk to another guy on the phone when he's with me, and he called me mean or I refused to kiss him when we were out (drinking) and he got pretty mad.. but Its because I have absolutely no idea what he wants or what he feels for me.. Is he just as confused as me?


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  • he won't know it if you don't tell it


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