Paying for the girl on a date.

So I have this rule for myself where I absolutely have to pay for the girl on a date. But I've never been in a situation where I took a girl out that was just a friend. So even though the girl is a friend or we have something growing should I still pay?


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  • I'm not saying guys should always pay cause it would be way too expensive, but it is a very sweet gesture. if you are just friends she's not gonna expect you to pay. so if you want to surprise her or do something nice for her then go ahead and pay. only if you want to. (if you want to be more than friends this may open her eyes a little and make her think its more of a date then). in the end its up to you.

    • Would you see it as bad if the guy asked to split the cost sometimes even if you were dating a guy?

    • No not at all. I think its only fair for the girl to pay as well. maybe even pay for the whole bill. its something that you and the girl would need to discuss. don't blind side her and be oh hey your paying tonight. she may get mad then. personally I hate letting anyone pay for me. so its hard to let a guy pay for the date. I would gladly split the cost

    • Ok. I hate it when money gets in the way of relationships.

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  • well buddy depends on how rich you r. remember this tho girls have equal rights there are in as gud of jobs as men sum times better. buyin a girl every thing goes back to wen girls didn work them days are gone my friend. do not feel under pressure. share every thing . she will respect you more in the least ul knoe they lik you 4 u.

    • If I share the costs how will she respect me?

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    • Oh sh*t no I don't let the girls use me like that. I don't go blowing my money everywhere. Usually I take the girls on dates where I don't have to pay for anything like the beach, but when I take a girl out to lunch its been like a given for me to pay. I'm smart enough to know for sure that we're more than friends when I pay for her so if we were friends it would be like her kind of using me. But my question was if the girl was a friend or a potential "more than friends" deal then should I pay?

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