I want to be a military girlfriend.. What's your opinion?

I want to date a marine, because well.. They're smoking hot and I want to be a military girlfriend. They have to keep in shape because Its basically their job..

But I don't know how or where to find marines, I'm still 17. I am not by any means a tag chaser.. I just want your opinion. Is this just a phase? I'm only attracted to marines and army guys for some reason.

But the ones I have met on dating websites are pure assholes! Also, ladies.. What's your expirence with military men. Thanks :)


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  • As a Marine I can honestly tell you that it is a really bad idea.

    • Why is that?

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    • Maybe that's why I keep getting hurt by them :/ I figured too as well, my brother in law is in the army and he told me the same thing.. Especially with guys around my age. Thanks for responding so kindly !

    • I have been a civilian again for almost a decade. I can afford to be nice now more often than not. Good luck in your search.

  • Well I hope you like being poor and living below the poverty line. Because it's not a lucrative career choice AT ALL!


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