Why do "Hot" Guys who are really nice , get friend-zoned by girls often?


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  • @DamnCurtis
    @asker I am not sure maybe because your around the wrong type of gal!

    • Thanks :) If it was one girl we can assume that. But if it's multiple girls , something is wrong with being nice :(

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    • @TheBraveLion Thanks bro :)) So you think the girl was attracted to the guy at first , but his advice destroyed the attraction?

    • Awe @TheBraveLion

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  • It's because eventhough they're hot, physically is good. But when it comes to verbal skills, they sucked.

    • Thanks :) A high possibility !!

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  • probably because they're surrounded by girls and all of them think they dont stand a chance xD

    • Thanks :)

      For example : " A girl approached a random guy multiple times and had a conversation. She was a school dropout. The random guy advised her she could try to get a degree.
      But the girls counter-acts the advice , by saying "partying is the best life " and does not give her number , when he asks her for it.

      They never saw each other again. "

      What is your opinion about this?

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    • "sure" is very vague. I am not sure what to do.

    • lmao text me if you wanna bro

  • They don't lol. Never heard of that. Hot guys who are really nice get girlfriends.

    • Thanks :) But I don't believe that entirely. There have been guys who are good-looking, but when he acts real nice, they try to put him off the track. No date or not getting laid.

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  • Cuz all these girls biiiiitches

  • Deep down they are really pussies.

    • Thanks :) But I can't agree with that.

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    • Yeah, it's funny. You can be the complete package, but you still need to have the skills with women !! Haha

    • Women are really lucky, because when it comes to casual sex too, guys don't care about the personality in most cases. They just see if she is good-looking or not.

      Guys would stick their ding dong in any good-looking female.

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