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So me and boyfriend have been dating for a while and have had sex but he seems to be against us actually sleeping in the same bed all night. Every time I bring the subject up he says something else and changes the subject. What am I doing wrong? Why is he acting like this?


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  • Your under 18, disregard the bed. Who's roof are you actually under?


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  • If he's legally an adult, then he could be in serious trouble for having sex with you. Once on the registered sex offenders list, there is no getting off. He may be trying not to get caught.

    Besides that, some men just have intimacy issues. I've dealt with that exact situation once and found that he was avoiding emotional attachment. It was a painful lesson to learn, and I hope you don't get hurt like that, especially at your young age.

    Even if you feel you know him very well and that your relationship has been for a while, both of those are reason to be cautious. Look out for yourself!


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  • Maybe he's worrying about her parents know that you both hanging out in the same room?


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