So this girl said that we could meet for coffee this Saturday. is it better to set a time and place already?

or better to choose a place when the date approaches? we dont live far away from each other, so technically we could even pick a place and time the same day


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  • You could ask her if she has any suggestions. Also, you could think of some place (s) to go as it'll help with deciding when the times comes. Just my 2 cents!

    Good luck :)


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  • If it happens that you're also free that day, just set a definite date, time, venue, how is it going to be.

    Eg, ''hey, let's meet at starbucks at Saturday, 2pm, if you arrived first, please sit at a side table of two, or else we will be meeting at there, if something comes up i will contact u earlier.''


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  • It's best to choose the place and date immediately. This will give her the impression that you're serious about it, and reduces the chances of her backing out later.


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