What can a average guy do to attract a girl?

Hey, I feel to be average physically. That's my opinion on myself, I do not know what others think.

I do go to the gym, and I believe that I have a healthy lifestyle. As for my personality, I have a sense of humor able to make people laugh and I am very kind. This is a description of what I believe to be, I don't know what other people think of me.

Back to my question, What are college girls looking in a guy?
I want to be able to attract girls, and to do so I'd like to know what do they look in a guy.

Thank you ! :)
I forgot to add that my major negative aspect of myself is that I do lack of confidence.


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  • Usually, when guys say they can't attract girls, it is due to the lack of availability of girls. It can be pretty difficult, because girls usually can't stay single after they have had their first relationship. They either jump into another one, or will start fancying someone else right after a breakup.

    To even have a chance, you need to be able to find a girl who is single AND is not thinking about her ex AND is not crushing on another guy AND is willing to give you a chance. You will also have to 'compete' with other men who are trying for her.

    Just treat this as a numbers game, and keep asking girls out until one of them eventually says yes. This is usually the only way for most guys.

    • Well, in order to attract the one I am attracted to; I guess I'll have to know her better.
      We've talked a little in class, but I do not have yet the courage to ask her out despite that I don't know what she thinks of me. Maybe she sees nothing in me, but I keep thinking of her which make it more difficult to me if I do not ask her out.

      In my 22 years of existence, I've never asked a girl out. Also, I never took a girl's number. There's always something in my mind that prevents me from doing the move. Consequently, I never asked a girl out and never took a girl's phone number.

      At this point in my life, I don't know what I should do to overcome such issue. I'm really into this girl despite that we've talked only a little. I really want to ask her out but do not know how to proceed.

      Can you tell me what should I do please?

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    • Thanks for MHO! :)

    • You are welcome, you deserve it ;)

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  • Since you say you're a humorous guys, prove it to the girls! Make them laugh... college girls are always looking for that confident, funny a bit sarcastic cheeky guy. Money comes 2nd maybe 3rd during this period.

  • How average guys can attract girls:

    1) Get lot of money


    2) Become an asshole/douchebag. Pick up PUA and watch how they sweet talk and manipulate women into sex.

    3) Fake confidence.

  • Women love money, status and things more than anything... so make sure you can provide that.

    Also, they love strong men who can be human shields and do all the work in bed as they sit back and enjoy your slave-work

    • For the time being : the money, and status I do not have them as being only a college student. I do plan to improve in my life once I graduate and get older, but for now I'm too young to have those things.

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    • Women make TONS of money using dating, relationships, marriage, divorce etc..

    • As for what I've been speculated in these days, many man and women are happy to live together.
      You have to open yourself more, and be more open-minded. Either I've been lucky and have seen all of these positives vibes in the world I live.

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