How can I let go of my x when I still love him even thou hez engaged now?

I have been dating this guy for 7 years and things wer just perfect. I got a job opportunity to work in Dubai which is miles away from home. He was against me leaving but i persisted. At last he accepted and promised to wait for me for 2 years which is the duration for my contract. I left and things wer okay for a year and few months till i started hearing roumours that he is seeing some gal beck home. It was hard to believe until a few months beck when he started acting funny that he wants to settle down. I was only remaining with 6 mnths to finish the contract but he said he cudnt wait any more. Av just seen recently his engagement card invitation from my sister who sent me and i still feel i can't let him go. He dint tell me anything about that nor did he tell me about his engagement. I want to move on and accept the fact that he's moved on wth his life but am failing. Sometimes i do text him to say hello but he doesn't answer. What should i do?


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  • hook up with him b4 he's married maybe he will change his mind

    • Yea thats a gud idea tanx but am still far away from him and i think hooking up can be abit hard since he dsnt text me or pick my calls.
      How can i hook up wth him?

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    • Tanx a lot.. will try that

    • good luck!

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  • -You new ben and jerry
    -a hobby to get your mind off him


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