Why does it work in such a way , when it comes to dating or getting laid?

Good-looking girls are more likely to NOT get friend-zoned when it comes to dating or getting laid , even if their personality sucks.

However for good-looking guys, they are more likely to get friend-zoned if their personality sucks. They won't get a date or get laid.

So why is it a challenge for good-looking guys with boring personalities to get a date or have sex?


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  • If someone's personality sucks you don't look at them as your friend, you just get ignored and tolerated. I think you don't understand the concept of friendzone... Seriously if someone doesn't want to date you and you stick around they have no choice but tolerate you. Don't flatter yourself, the haven't friendzoned you...

    • Thanks :) But if girls give attention to a random guy first and chat him up, but he appears to be boring / bit serious, girls would friend-zone him by mentioning a boyfriend or just hang around as friends.

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  • Most dudes will take what they can get. While girls seem to be more discriminative in their choices of lovers

    • Thanks :)) That's true.

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  • because girls are usually looking for a partner not just a sex buddy. I've found that most guys date with their eyes while woman are looking deeper then that...

    • Thanks :) I agree with your point to an extent.

      But even if girls find the guy good-looking , however his personality sucked, they wouldn't even just keep him as a sex buddy... right?

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    • Well I assume personality does account for something seeing as there must have been some kind of communication before they went off together.

    • If the girl found the guy attractive , but his personality was boring, do you assume she will still be interested?

  • cause girls are more picky

    • Thanks :) Honest opinion.

What Guys Said 1

  • well because guys are dealt with the card of having to be the initiator

    • Thanks :) Good point.

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