Girls, Why is she not talking to me anymore?

Two years ago, I moved 200 miles away from my hometown for many reasons. One reason was to start my career after college. The other reason was to leave a girl that was treating me like crap.

I tried online dating when I first moved here and stumbled upon a girl that used to work with me when I worked part time on my college campus bookstore. Next thing you know, she reaches out to me after I viewed her profile. She gave me her number and we texted and called each other nonstop. The only problem was that she was back in my hometown and I was stuck 200 miles away. Never in a million years did I think she would ever tell me she had a crush on me. She told me that I was cute, sweet, and not like most guys. I was so into her because she was smart, pretty, and was very ambitious in her career. She had a great job moving up the corporate ladder.

Things were moving so great that she invited me over to her place to attend a festival in our hometown. I said that I'd be there. However, a couple of weeks before the festival, she texts me telling me that she's still talking to her ex and that her and I should remain friends. This was a shocker to me because I thought we were doing great and never did I see this coming. I told her that I liked her and if given the chance, we should try again if it doesn't work out with him.

Fast forward a few months later, I try to wish her a Merry Christmas but she doesn't respond to my texts. I try reaching out to her on Facebook, but come to find out she blocked me.

What did I do wrong? I really liked her and wish I could talk to her. She had everything I was looking for. It's sad because I still think about it two years later.
Anyone want to weigh in?


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  • Well when a girl talks to her ex one of them is trying to get back with each other she hasn't responded to you because if she got back with her ex it would be weird to talk to you because she said she liked you and then she said you should remain friends so it would be kind of awkward to have her talk to you or another reason is that she might've deleted your number


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