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Okay me and my crush got in an argument the other night. I said something mean and he did too. He kept texting and calling but i didn't answer. I told him to stop texting me and calling me. He said ok. It's been almost a week and he texted me yesterday asking me how i am doing. I said good, you? He then said, im good, spending some time with my daughter.. Do you think he still wants to communicate? Does he like me?


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  • Yes what he did at the end of your story? That's called communication. He texted you, even after you told him not to, but after he gave you a week to cool off. He was probablyy thinking about you every minute of every hour during that time.

    • I hope so!

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    • No!! He should text me first

    • then you should text him "i would like it if you'd text me first, dick"

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  • I just did some communicating myself, i realised i had to if i wanted maintain any type of relationship with her.

    • Why would you want to maintain any typre of communication with her after she told you to stop texting her?

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    • She's the best girl ove ever met and dont want to lose her again

    • Not stop rexting her, i meant to say stop talking and hanging out with each other

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