How can I change my dating preferences and what I'm attracted to?

I'm a mixed guy attracted to white women and no longer wanna be cause its looked down on and most white women don't wanna date a mixed guy and woukd rather just date in her own race


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  • Focus on the personality and NOT the skin color

    • I do focus on personality too

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    • You just said non white girls are not hot but pretty. you need to not write off every race that's not white, even if you think the girls in that race are only 6 or 7 out of 10

    • Well that's for any girls I don't really know what's average, hot and so on

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  • That's not true , at least not by me, white girls love mixed guys, they all like Dereck Jeter

    • I'm not Derek Jeter though and all mixed guys don't have the luck

    • Your just in the wrong area I guess, in New York girls love mixed guys, what state are you in?

    • Yeah where I'm at they will say your a sweet guy but I just don't date mixed guys

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