Does my boyfriends parents like or just enjoy belittling me?

We have been together a good 4month and me and his parents have never seemed get along! First their was issues because i'm a fussy eater and they didn't like that so they had a go at me! and saying sly remarks they didn't think i understood!

About a month ago i lost my job because the company went through a rough patch and me and 30 other people lost our jobs! and everytime i see his parents first thing they ask is "Have you got a job yet?" but its way they say it in such a sly tone of vocie making me feel belittled i won't even tell my boyfriend if ii have an interview anymore because i know he will tell them and if i don't get it they'll make me feel bad about it!

Recently my boyfriend wanted a tattoo and my dad is a tattooist and has done my tattoos and was going to do my boyfriends tattoo and a cheap price until his mum ask is my dad was clean? i told her yeah he is, he has done my tattoo's and wants get his own shop and fully trained (which isn't a lie) and she just turned to me and said "I'm not being funny but i'd much rather him go to a shop" as if my dad was going inject him with drugs or something! It was like she was making out he was dirty and if he was that would make my whole family dirty! Most of time she speaks to me like shit! She speaks to her own son like shit!

Other weekend when i spent the night my boyfriend always asks for pemission and got their permission but when i got there both his mum and her partner asked me at different times "Are you sleeping over?" and made me feel like i had just walked in and demaned to sleep while their guest who living their temporarily can have their girlfriend over as many times as they want!

I feel like if this carries on i will end it! I won't be in a relationship with someone when their family doesn't accept me! They have made me feel very unwelcome and unwanted!


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  • They dont like you. How did this started? Did you say something wrong to them? Or they have treated you like shot from the very first beginning? Different family background maybe?

    • It's ever since their roommate moved in she's same age as me but they get along well with her but don't seem to like me. We come from different town's thats about it my home town is a city while theirs is a town!

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    • Were both middle class! My house is bigger then theirs, my living room is bigger then their bedroom! and his mum works with her, i don't know why they like her more, just last week she got arrested!

    • Your living room is bigger than their bedroom? Well technically living room is supposed to be bigger than any other room in the house😐

      Ohh okay that make sense now. His mum works together with her. They spent more time together than you and his mum.

      Try to get her attention by like if you come over to their house and you see her lets say in the kitchen cooking, ask if she needs your help. Or bring her favorite food/flower/whatever every now and then.

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  • Uhm yeah i guess you do have a point. You said so yourself in the last few sentences.
    But i mean
    It'll take a chunk off your dignity but if you want it to work. Just try to change your attitude towards his parents and be abit nicer. Show them that you are a nice girl and not what they stereotype you to be. Maybe because you hate them, they can sense it too so it doesn't help things

    • I have always been nice! I have made them coffee's and tea's in their house!

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