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  • Nah fuck that shit. It's disgusting.

    • Wooo! πŸ‘Š Ik that's right

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    • Unless of course you are with a guy that fucked some other girl up the ass.

    • @Stuckintime Luckily I'm not and we're going to get married so no worries there. I don't understand what everyone's problem is. If you're not dating me then you shouldn't give a damn about how I feel.

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  • I don't see any difference between dating a straight person or a bi person. If it is a fear of cheating, is not the gender of the third party irrelevant. Will she go full lesbian, same issue as will a straight girl go off me.
    On the plus side if she is comfortable enough to accept her bi-sexuality chances are she has good self confidence and be open minded, qualities I admire a lot in women. Also if she has dated women she may be able to give relationship a fresh novel approach.

    • @KDA20 You made some good points. Never thought of the pros in that sense...

      However the reason I wouldn't date a bisexual is not because I'd fear he would cheat. It's because I would worry I won't be able to satisfy all his needs. Now I know I can't possibly 100% satisfy even a straight guy's needs. He maybe totally into me, but there is variety out there. Taller women, curvier women, slimmer women, blondes, redheads... and I know on occasion he might be curious to know what it feels like to be with those other types of women, even if he doesn't act on it. Now this I can accept. But when he is bi this difference from what I have to offer is so much more significant. I don't think I can handle that knowledge...

    • Thanks for MHG

    • @Caramel_creme Bisexuals are attracted and can see themselves in long lasting relationships with either a girl or a guy, but if a bisexual is willing to settle down with you, there is little to no chance they will allow themselves to feel unsatisfied. The whole point of a long-lasting relationship is to be fully satisfied and happy with yourself and your partner, so your fear of not being enough for a bisexual person is not one you should worry about.
      People who are so sure of their identity and what they want in life will not settle for less than what they see as perfect.

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What Girls Said 174

  • I don't think so.. That's basically taking a risk coz if he is bi, he could get to know a guy and then he might like him.. So I won't only have to get worried if he will like another girl.. I will have to get worried of him like a guy ! ... So that would make a big problem ( that's my PERSONAL opinion) no offense 😊

    • BUT if he would be loyal to only me, and he would REALLY love me , then what I said could change

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    • Embarrassed to discuss in public!

    • @tortelina oh sorry, if you want you can PM me , you can tell me what you mean there πŸ˜† 😊

  • Considering I'm bisexual and it would be hypocritical for me not to date one so yes. There's this stereotype that bisexual people aren't good with commitment or won't be satisfied with just one person or gender. Which is true for some, but also true for straight people and gay people and all people.

  • No. I wouldn't.

    I'm insane most of the time and envious of most girls. Don't throw boys into the mix too!

    But also, because I'm not bisexual myself I feel I wouldn't fully understand and it would cause an issue. Same with open relationships. For me, it's just not a mentality I can fully understand (note the word fully) so I don't think I could do the relationship justice

  • It doesn't matter what the person's sexuality was, it only matters if you love them for themselves, and if you don't, then you're just an heartless bastard that should go die in a hole God's sake. I think it's heartless when people say they wouldn't, I think it matters on personality, even though I'm straight, it still doesn't matter on what their sexuality is, or what they like or dislike! It just matters if you love them or not!

    • wow calm down. You actually think people should die if they don't treat homosexuals as equals? I mean they suck, but telling them to die is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy over the top.

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    • ok yeah i mean telling people to die because of a difference of opinion that doesn't really hurt anyone else is just pretty extreme, even if you are just getting it off your chest. I would never tell anyone to go die because they may be super depressed or something and be like, "yep she's right, time to end it." I mean you're basically then the trigger for that persons death and thus partly responsible and I would feel guilt forever if I had created that outcome.

    • Sorry, I just typed it...

  • Probably not... I don't have anything against bisexuals or lgbt but I already have enough competition with just other females so if I were to date a bisexual that would be 2x the competition because he's also attracted to males.

    So I'll pass...

    • Preach, Amiga β€πŸ‘

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    • I think a guy would be quite happy to be with you 100% and be happy with blowing the odd guy with you before he would just go find random guys to blow.
      Im bi , i just enjoy giving the odd guy head. Mind blowing head ! And doing so with my girlfriend would only make our relationship more secure and trusting I think

    • @Theshaft169

      So basically you're saying having a 3sum? It's not my cup of tea and if it were I would want the focus on me not the other way around.

  • How insecure can people get? There's just as large a risk if you were in a straight/gay relationship that they would find someone else, but now that they're bi it makes a huge difference >-> I seriously don't understand how close minded people still are about bisexuals gah

    • But! But! I'm a jealous psychopath! That's twice the text messages to spy on! Twice the twitter followers to be like "who the fuck is Whatshisorhername?" Tres exhausting! ;p

  • Yeah, why not? As long as he'd be satisfied with me only and wouldn't go looking for some wieners. But cheating is never acceptable no matter the sexuality so yeah... YES, I would, I'm open to dating a bisexual man.

  • I had a crush on a bisexual guy once but nothing happened there. About a year later I did actually briefly date a bisexual guy. I didn't actually mind too much upon hearing about his sexuality at first... Well, until a few things put me off. He had a crazy ex boyfriend who would send me threatening messages and the guy I was dating would sometimes act a little too girly for my liking. For example: He would shave his legs and wear leggings, rest his head on my shoulder or chest like a woman would with a man and would also wear his ex girlfriends shoes with little hearts in them. Now I have nothing against bisexuals but in a relationship, as a heterosexual girl, I like to feel like the girl and I like to feel like I'm dating a guy. I think that's fair to say, but when I was with that guy he made me feel like I was the guy, I wanted to feel feminine but instead felt masculine. And I wanted to be dating a guy, not a girl, yet he acted (in ways) more girly than me, which I found to be rather off putting. Not to mention, when he started getting close with another girl this made me panic in case he liked her but then I remembered (Since he's bisexual) that I would have to worry about him being too close with other guys too which would mean that he couldn't have any friends and that would have been ridiculous so I tried to shrug it off. However, my theory about him not being faithful turned out to be correct as he was actually cheating on me with this girl.

    Would I date a bisexual again? Given how uncomfortable he made me feel... I'm not saying never again but probably not.

  • Well, I am bisexual, so yeah, no problem. The comments on this question are rather disgusting though.

    • People are awful. I can't.

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    • I'm glad to see that you now know you're not alone :P

    • I know!!! So many ignorant people here. I'm straight and would never sleep with a guy but why hate on people who are gay, I thought we were pass this. I've dated bi girls and I've dated Kinsey 5 lesbians aka bicurious lesbians, their sexuality doesn't pose a problem to me, as long as a girl likes me and respects me for me who the fuck cares, these comments really shocked me, I thought we moved further than that as a society but then again many gagers do live in third world shit holes

  • Yup..

    I have no issue with it.

    When they are dating me.. they are dating me...

    I don't really care who they dated before me.. or who ultimately replaces me.

    • Nice ink.
      So would you give or like to give the odd Bj with your boyfriend now and again rather then he off sucking guys on the side him self?
      Would you expect him to tell you when he did or what he did if he did.

    • @Theshaft169 if he is dating me, anything on the side, I would either know about, be a part of.. or it would be cheating.

      If I know about it, then it is ok.
      If I'm part of it, then it is ok.
      If he's cheating, well, it really doesn't matter if it's another guy, a girl or even a goat at that point, right?

    • True.
      You would be pissed you didn't get to join in on all that goat action ! I would. Ha ha.

  • It would be fine, I imagine it would be no different from dating a straight guy... if we're a couple it doesn't matter who he's dated before or may do in the future.

  • Sure I would, sexuality, race, religion it all doesn't matter as long as you like and respect each other.

    If I like a guy and he admits he's bi i'm not gonna be like 'oh sorry I don't like you anymore now that I know you could be into guys..' That would make no sense to me.

  • It's cute how most people here think that bisexual people are more likely to cheat or eventually 'leave you for the other team' at some point. Very ignorant.

  • I'm sort of undecided but I'm leaning towards yes. Just because someone's bi it doesn't mean they don't want/aren't capable of commitment.

    • Nothing beats blowing a guy with your girlfriend πŸ‘

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    • @Theshaft169 if you're bi it means you're attracted to both men and women… you don't necessarily have to have had a relationship with both… maybe those women have just never found a women they liked enough to date, it doesn't mean they don't like women at all

    • @Theshaft169 yup!

  • Yeah I would in fact, I'm like 50% sure the guy i'm interested in now is bi. I don't understand what sexuality has to do with a relationship, the strength of a relationship, or how loyal someone is. I also think it's kind of fucked up how a lot of girls seem disgusted by the idea of a bi dude when it's perfectly acceptable for most girls in society to be bi.

  • I don't see any logical reason as to why I wouldn't.

  • I'm surprised that many people said no lol I don't see the problem

    • Personally I think it's insecurity and jealousy. People can't stand that their lover has more options.

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    • @heartnthemiddle they are bi not gender fluid

    • Same, lmao, I'm surprised by the comments

  • Considering I am bisexual, yes. It's not that I'm not capable of commitment; far from it, actually, as I'm incapable of wanting physical contact without an emotional connection. It's more that I have the ability to love anyone, regardless of gender. What's so wrong about that?

  • I don't see why this is such a big deal to homosexuals and hetrosexuals. If they cheat, they cheat. What difference does it make if they cheat on you with their your opposite gender?

    I get the feeling people would date a bisexual because they're insecure about themselves and they fear their lover will leave them for someone else easier then a hetrosexual/homosexual. OR they believe the stereotype that bisexuals are all sluts, which is awful.

    • I get the feeling people would NOT date a bisexual because they're insecure.

  • Um, I don't know. My friend says she's "not sure if she's attracted to guys or girls." I said "so you're gay?" and she said "i don't know..." At first I thought she was joking, so I laughed, which made it awkward cuz she was serious! So I guess as long as the person is loyal and good, why not? I see no real problem.

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What Guys Said 168

  • why would one not date a bisexual? why would someones sexual orientation directly be contradictory to if one chooses to date them or not? As for me i'm strait and have gone out with plenty of bisexual women in my time and never judged them. I have male friends that are bisexual and date women and men I've never seen them as confused or disgusting. Are they not simply people on the walk of life finding themselves and finding someone weather that someone be man or woman to be happy with. Its sad to think that so many would judge and degrade the simple act of finding happiness with someone else in any form, yet sadly for this question so many have degraded the hunt for happiness in the form of bisexuality. Choosing label and degradation rather than understanding and acceptance to what they can not understand. Its sorrowfully sad to see so many eyes clouded by judgment and hate even some i'm sure in the gay and or lesbian community's preaching that bisexuality is a kind of confusion when those same statements where given to them not so long ago in history. Have we as a people not changed do we still judge so blindly rather than to understand. What a shame that we have not evolved past old prejudices yet simply given that hate a new face to act against with no understanding and blind judgment towards it. I can only pray that i die away from such malice and keep my family free of such blind judgment and instead teach my children acceptance and understanding for all walks of life and that all things that live walk different paths in the journey of life. That although those paths walked may seem different that they must grow to understand them and learn that the root of all judgment is fear and that all degradation in said judgment leads to malice, pain, and in the end death that is torn to early in this world. How sad and far we fall as a people.

  • Lotta bigotry here. Ah well...

    Would I date a bisexual? Yeah, duh, that's not going to come up. If I can't trust my lover with ANY gender my relationship already failed a long time ago. Doesn't matter if it's only one or all 3*, a relationship without trust is not a good relationship.

    Now, when it comes to bigotry and "oh god bisexuals are disgusting!" I'm just gonna have to call you a loser. You're wrong and I frankly don't care if it's because you're a homophobe or one of those ironic biphobic homosexuals, you're wrong. Sit there in your wrongness and be wrong. I don't care that you have this delusion that bisexuals have it easier because "they can sleep with anybody", the truth is they're getting if from both sides and this very poll should show just how many dating opportunities a bisexual person loses just by being bi.

    As for the threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes question. It's a fun childish fantasy, but not something I'm ever going to base my romantic calculus on. Expecting your "bisexual girlfriend to get me a threesome" is like expecting your American-born Korean girlfriend to speak Japanese, Chinese, and be a submissive little blowjob-factory. It's really bigoted and really stupid.

    *Yes, I am doing that on purpose, it's also wrong, but not for the reason you think. Your confusion feeds me!

  • You kidding? I would only date bisexuals if I had the choice. Not only does the chance of getting a threesome increase exponentially, um, it's just hot. I think most of the chicks I've dated have been bisexual. But, you know, I wouldn't want her to lean TOO far on the loving women part. There's a nice balance with anything, same thing with sexuality. Too much is too much and too little is too little.

    • Wait, I don't understand this... The comment on top of you wrote something as well about a threesome, what have threesomes to do with bisexuality? One does not only match with the other whenever the commenter feels like it! Bisexuality just means that a man/female can be in love with both genders, in fact, most of bisexual females prefere, such as heterosexual females, only one partner! Where does threesome mix with bisexuality? Please someone explain me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!!

    • Because a straight woman isn't going to be as willing--despite most women's natural aversion to threesomes and the like--to have sex with a woman. Naturally, if I wanted to sleep with two women, a straight woman would be less likely to do so than a bisexual woman. I didn't say "I'll get a threesome if I date a bisexual woman," I said, "It would *increase the chances* of getting a threesome."

  • I wouldn't date her. As a man I wouldn't be able to sexually satisfy her fully, so she will be always craving women... and I'm not willing to share my partner sexually.

    • How do you know she would still be craving women? Bisexual people aren't that different from heterosexual people, if they prefer monogamy, then one person will always be enough for them.
      The same could almost be said about straight men (which would still be ridiculous)? I always see guys on here preaching about how men want variation. Why should I ever be with any man if all he wants is variation, clearly I can't satisfy him?

    • Ah similar to my issue with dating a bi, as I explained to KDA20

    • I agree, I don't see why people take offense to this opinion

  • The biphobia is fucking real in this question.. Being bi doesn't make someone more likely to cheat.. If someone is a cheater they will do it regardless of whether or not they're straight or bi.

    Yes I'll date a bi girl and I'd treat her with dignity and respect just like a straight girl. It's as simple as that 😜

    • i know right? then if my boyfriend sees a pretty girl we would both crave her, not only him.

  • i married one although she is faithful to our vows i still feel her longing when she sees a pretty girl. we are attached at the soul and i feel her pain. i do love her.

  • Already did. She tried to keep it in the closet, but a friend of hers exposed her. And it's not the only lie she told me either. Today, she wonders why I avoid her. But when you make sexually suggestive moves toward dogs, don't be surprised if I run away.

  • no. i already know what i want and what type of person i want raising my children.

    openmindedness is another word for inability to stand for something.

    • I absolutely agree

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    • Anyway you can keep on living your life in hate because you believe people who don't live their lives the way you do are going to the mythical fire land with the orks and troll creatures that live there. So yeah keep preaching that gay people are going to hell for being who they are, you are only driving people away from your hate filled religion. Do I believe in God yes I do, but I don't believe in a judge mental hateful God that those who practice the Abrahamuc faiths do.

    • Well one can only hope that the other person becomes more enlightened and open minded. Take care.

  • I find it funny how people think bisexuals are cheaters, not loyal, or all have commitment issues and that's why they're bi. I think only ignorant idiots think that. I would date a bi girl, I don't care. So long as she's loyal to me, I'm fine.

  • I think everyone is missing the point here , he is not just talking about dating but a long term realtionship and marriage which i think many who said yes here will say no to that , guys obviously want a threesome which could occur few times then they will dumb her for a straight girl, girls on the other hand who would do it , I don't know what is their reason but it doesn't sound good.

    as for me no , there is no way i would date a girl that is not straight because :

    1- other male competition is enough why would i want to compete with girls too?
    2- it just doesn't feel right it will be weird to me being with a woman who also wants to sleep with other women , it just doesn't sound right or something that could last.
    3- i would do casual sex with no problems i have no problem with that , but thats where it ends for me.
    4- most of these girls who go around screaming " iam bi or gay " or whatever girl say usually seek attention , i know their kind and iam not interested in such girls , they are not loyal , no matter how hot she is , loyality is one of the most important things in a realtionship and these girls can't provide it most of the time.
    5- those who say " iam married to one " or " i know one that is great " are either cluless and dont know her true self , or he himself has some issues so he chose to overlook his partners issues if she's pretty enough.
    ( it will amaze you how many times i get things right , so this is based on... well my knowledge )

    • You don't speak for me!!! I would have a long term relationship with a bi girl

    • apperantly people hate the the truth... go figure

  • Bisexuality is the even weirder version of homosexuality.

    Definitely no.

  • If the chemistry between us was right then I wouldn't say no. Doesn't and shouldn't matter what the other thinks or feels towards others. This at first would be easily judged out of the question, but I can't give this person no chances.

    FYI In a relationship where I feel comfortable would be one that has only TWO people

  • lol, most of the guys who said yes just want a threesome πŸ˜…

  • I wouldn't mind if the girl I'd date is bisexual or heterosexual. It's her sexual orientation, I can't change it, and I don't see any problem with it, either.

  • Sorry but no... there are so many reasons why but the one that stands out the most is the fact she'll want to go with ladies and SOCIETY won't see that as cheating... much.

    Well let me tell you right now from experience it's still considered cheating...

    So... No...

    We'd be friends but thats as far as it goes.

  • I honestly not sure how that relationship could work out. Eventually, wouldn't the bi member in the relationship begin craving some form of interaction with the same sex?
    I wouldn't turn down sex with a bi, but I just have doubts as to the longevity of any serious relationship.

  • i would on the condition that they understand that it was a monogamous relationship

  • A bisexual is probably the only woman I'd consider marrying so long as she's also for polygamous relationships for the fact that threesomes would be easier to obtain since she'd be able to invite the girl and I'd be able to fulfill my man desires of sleeping with other women and not feel guilty about it.

  • I would, the kinsey scale says that people are rarely completely straight or gay.
    I recently realized that I'd be more than willing to do pre-hiv freddie mercury

  • οΌ­ο½ο½“ο½”γ€€ο½ο½†γ€€ο½”ο½ˆο½…ο½“ο½…γ€€ο½ο½…ο½ο½ο½Œο½…γ€€ο½ο½’ο½…γ€€ο½…ο½‰ο½”ο½ˆο½…ο½’

    • That's not true. I know some people that are bisexual and are proud to be that, and were dating both women and men. I don't know where you've gotten that conclusion, but it's certainly not true of what I've seen.

      Yes, there may be some of those people as you've said, but that's in every gender, race, age, sexual orientation, etc. That people are so-called "Whores" or "People who think it's cool to be like whatever movie star", as you've stated, not only in bisexuality.

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    • Go call a man a whore in public and people will laugh at you.

    • @MrDetermined And just because its ridiculous it means it doesn't exist?

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