I don t care about anyone?

Im 23 and never been in love. If the guy can't bring someone to the able that i can use (like networks, status, money) i am not interested and i throw them away, i never date for the ''fun'' or wanting for someone to care about me... am i evil? I feel horrible, but its the way it is. If a guy has power and is an artist, photographer, singer, someone who has a lot of connection , a bussines man etc. i have a possibility to fall in love, it just shows they are not lazy and ambitious and i admire them for it.


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  • never been in love? as in how?


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  • Maybe you'll "fall" for a sugar daddy. They're usually the type of men you're looking for.

    • its just that i can get almost any guy i like, with my looks... and i dont want that anymore, i want to learn something

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