Which one would you rather date?

  • Short cute and adorable brunette
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  • Tall sexy and leg for days blonde
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  • I like tall women. Hair color doesn't really matter, as long as it's a natural hair color.

    • Even if it's not natural BUT looks natural? 💁🏼

    • Yeah. Hair dying is fine as long as it's a realistic hair color (to me anyway).

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What Guys Said 3

  • Blonde. Sexy is my type

    • That's so good to hear. It seems that every single guy goes for cute brunettes nowadays. Smh

    • No I m into sexy girls. I think most guys think sexy girls are trouble and they aren't wrong. Thre seductress is often ego driven and not sure of herself. I've dated these sexy bitches... but I admit for settling down, cute girls do come off more loyal and better lovers. Sexy girls are generally more materialistick, shallow and trouble. I still live sexy girls though. I most attracted to them. But, sexy girls get boring fast too. Cute girls can be cute and sexy, sexy girls only have one side... this very self conscious silently approval seeking way of socializing lol

  • The adorable brunette... any day

  • Tall blonde, not because she is blonde, but because I like tall girls and sexy legs ;)


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