I just wanna give a tip to my fellow bros out there.. tell me what you guys think?

whereever you were, whether it be at a club, a bar, a random party, at the gym, or even food shopping...

you guys definitely see tons of girls worth talking to.. but sometimes you dont go up to them. probably because you guys are thinking too much into it before doing so...

personally, i think of NOTHING before i go up to these girls because i know that the whole point is to see if we have NATURAL CHEMISTRY. and if you do then guess what? you have a future with that girl. now that doesn't mean that you will go home with her that night, it just means that something will happen between you two unless you dont fuck it up.

i like to think i understand girls to some extent. and i believe that girls NEVER EVER pass up a guy whom they have a genuine connection with, they will always give that guy a chance.

girls are emotional beings, so being good looking only gets you your foot in the door. trust me. i learned that the hard way because i am very good looking and guess what? i used to get very shy around girls and i still do sometimes. most guys think that all you have to do is be good looking. sure it helps but its not everything. being a great looking dude is NOT NEARLY as valuable as being a great looking girl. there is just no comparison

though, the second i open my mouth i'm smooth and charming and all that bullshit but getting myself to that point used to be SO hard. i dont know why. i always told myself i have so much to offer but i was never able to integrate how great i was into my mindset and then translate it into my game. anyway...

right now i'm 22 and this is my time, and i only recently truly accetped the minset of "i'd rather fail and say i tried rather than not trying at all and wondering what if". and i really wish all my bros out there would think the same way.


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