Giggly after drinking alcohol?

I'm 17 and drank alittle over half a light beer. I drank it real fast ( 5 minutes ) , and right after in about 10 minutes I got REALLY giggly. I literally just looked at people and couldn't hold in my laughter. I'm about 115 pounds. I've never drank before. I was fine in about 10 more minured but why did I start laughing like a weirdo?
No like my head got lightheaded like and people around me noticed I was acting different. It really went straight to me and I barely drank anything. I know I wasn't " imagining it " .


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  • Half a beer wouldn't get a 5 year old tipsy. That was a placebo effect you had on yourself. But when I get drunk I too laugh easily.

    • Alcohol can affect people differently and yes believe it or not even a sip of alcohol can affect someone. And a word of warning about alcohol especially if it has that effect, it's very addictive and at the point you or she in this case should leave it alone.

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  • because psychologically you think you should be feeling your drunk you you act like you are... it's like sometimes if you think you have symptoms your body will make it up.

    • No it's not psychological, it's her chemistry and it's a warning sign she should leave it alone. It only takes on small sip for alcohol to have an affect for some, and especially for those people take heed and leave it alone.

    • @ThisAndThat alcoholism runs really badly on some of my family's sides. I have never been into drinking. Just alittle today for thanks giving , but it tastes terrible. It only took a bit and I felt it pretty bad for the amount I had

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