Do guys only like girly girls?

So I'm pretty much a massive tomboy and pretty much all my friends are male except 3. I'm much closer with my male friends than my female ones though. I'm pretty sure all my friendships with guys are mutually strictly platonic. I'm just not interested in my guy friends because although our personalities get along great, I'm simply not attracted to them. I'm pretty sure most of them thought I was a lesbian for a while (I'm not). So the other night we had a school event. I let my hair down from my usual bun, I actually wore a skirt, and I stumbled around in some high heels. It turns out I looked completely different. I usually keep my hair up, I wear skinny jeans, and I always have either sneakers or boots on. My friends literally didn't recognize me. A few walked past me a couple times without speaking, so I walked up to one and waved at him and he ignored me at first, and then he realized who I was. I got a lot of compliments, and I think some of my guy friends tried to flirt with me, and some other random guys tried to flirt with me. It was like I became a whole new person. So do guys simply like girlier girls?


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  • No I don't. Any attractive girl... tomboy or girly girl... is good enough for me.


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