A guy in a long term relationship likes you, what do you do?

I recently met a guy who I instantly clicked with. Never felt this way before. Like we had known each other since birth... anyway i knew from the start he had a girlfriend who he talks about all the time and i kind of told myself nothing would ever happen because they seem totally in love.

Last week he said he likes me back? and he's having relationship issues. They almost went on a break or broke up, that's what he said, because of him and me. I don't know whether it's true or not but he seems bummed all the time now, like spacey. I don't want to be the one that gets hurt in the situation but i also don't want to shut myself off like i always do. help?


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  • I would say to distance yourself from him if you bring around him affects his relationship. Continue to be friends but let him figure out his relationship and what he wants without you being a distraction.

    • Thnks... you don't think it's dangerous to be his friend? I've always frozen people out before because I have trust issues.

    • Not as long as you're strictly friends. It may help to tell him so too.

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