Are girls impressed by skater kids?

ok so im grade 10 and i skate a lot i can land the basics, varials, some doubble kcikflips and landed a few nightmere flips today :p

are girls impresed by this stuff? im quiet, have my headphones in a lot , blond hir blue eyes , always got a hat and hoodie on... i too shy to talk to people tho! whould you date a skater kid over a normal kid?


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  • Personally I love skater guys most of the ones I've met are chill. I respect a person that can skate and in some cases it can impress me. But you should stop being so shy.

    • Lol if a skater kid talked to you and asked for your number what would you do. If he was attractive and had good hygiene but was a introvert and not very popular...

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    • Lol fuck it not that easy.. i don't want to come off as an insecure weirdo lol faaackkkk I don't now what to do

    • I don't know I'd give the person a chance to give me a good or bad impression. Sometimes it is that easy

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  • Some girls go for it, but some also don't. I know this isn't what you are looking for, but it really depends on the girl. It personally does not impress me, if that helps.

  • Him being a skater doesn't matter to me. I'd see him as just any other kid


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