Girls how can I know when during a date is the right time to kiss you?

I've been on a few dates with a girl and haven't done it yet and obviously I need to fairly soon or she'll lose interest or find someone else, so what signs do you give that it's appropriate to kiss you at that moment?
Any other opinions / advice?
Anyone else?


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  • There is no "right time", just feel the chemistry, and go for it.

    • Well I'm asking for advice on feeling the chemistry...

    • You feel that, not strangers on the internet, so we can't tell you when you feel the chemistry.

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  • Girls really are a big hassle aren't they?


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  • hmm. well, i think it could be anytime really. if it were me, probably something a little unexpected u know. like say in the middle of a date u just tell her how happy she makes u or something. u could smile at her and just glance at her lips for a sec. see if she gets the message and if her body language is open, go for it man! one of the most awesome moments ever!

  • You will feel the right moment, you're enjoying each others company, not being distant!

  • hmm... when I am getting close to your face... and i am turning bright apple!

    • Red... or green?

      So physical closeness and blushing are signs? Anything else to look for?

    • yes for me!!! I am not sure... maybe when she seems shy about something she tells you and its silent... maybe...

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