Experienced lesbians and bi's how do I get to know this girl?

So there is this cute girl in my class I want to get to know the school semester is almost over and I think i want to try with her before it's too late. But the thing is she comes off like a tomboy basically imagine an attractive looking tall light skin black girl with long black hair that wears basketball shorts and sweats and you'll get what I mean. So the problem with that is I am the opposite of that I am short and girly I also like to dress it. So basically here is me this girly girl coming up to this tomboy playing the assertive role and trying to ask her out. There's also the problem of the fact that I don't have a car and I don't know what is the best place to start for a first date in this winter or if she's into girls or how to even go about showing my interest.


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  • You have to be bold since the semester is coming to an end.
    tell her she looks like an interesting person and that you'd like to keep contact by exchanging numbers.
    Go from there.


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