Girls- Would you date this person

so I know a freshman in High school, he weigh 105, some people think he looks a little young and maybe look 13 or something. he is wayy nicer than all the other guys most girls at school date. this person is not prude, this person isalso very athletic and definitely isn't weird, smell bad ect. so would you? given the description date this person and why or why not.

( the person is me if you didn't get that)

excuse the bad garmmar, I wrote fast


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  • It's very hard to say. For all I know, you could be way wrong about yourself, so consider that if you're having trouble getting a girl. Maybe ask a very close to friend to describe you completely and honestly. (Even the bad stuff.) So that you can try to improve the minor things that will only make you shine even more as a person. But the girl that said high school girls don't make the first move, VERY TRUE. Don't be scared to ask someone out. Even if they say no, they quite likely won't be horridly awful to you, and will probably forget that you even liked them far sooner than you forget about it.


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  • First of all, yes I would date this person... But most girls don't want to date the right person in high school.. I would date you if you seemed cool to date.. most girls won't make the first move in high school so it would be up to you for that.

  • yes. yes I would. he sounds like this guy I know. he's hawt. ;)

  • lol ok well other than the age because freshman your kind of to young but you sound cool and if your in sports then the girls will like that and you know its ok not to date all the time so just waite and see how thay like you win your older and just keep the same personality good luck


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  • These are just my thoughts on the situation:

    "...some people think he looks a little young and maybe look 13 or something"

    in the age group of:

    "(Age:18 to 24)"

    (I'm going to base this off your age, because he's your friend).

    This is a perfect situation for the term "Jailbate". If the dude looks 13- he probably is 13.

    - Granted, looks can be deceiving; however, this is the opinion of an outside party on why this guy may encounter future difficulties in approaching women.

    It's acceptable though, because he will still grow in due time. Plus- it sounds like his personality is more outgoing than inward, that note is a strong one to break. You cannot sacrifice personality for "personal looks" unless the party is interested only in that area.

    Best regards,


    • I am the dude, lol I can't figure out how to change my age

    • Ah lol.. you can do so by clicking on your profile (the picture above your question) then after that you will be in the right area.