So, where can I go or what can I do to find a new guy to date? I don't do online dating lol! Any advice?

So I've been talking to this guy for the past 4 months but lately, the connection just doesn't seem to be there anymore! He goes hours & days without texting me & he will read my message & not reply after so many text messages & he never says he misses me anymore & he doesn't seem as talkative via text anymore! He just doesn't seem as interested in ME anymore! We used to be super close & couldn't go a day without talking to eachother whether it be text, on the phone or FaceTime! Tonight I texted him that I missed him & he just read it & never replied.. So I think it may be time to let him go! Things don't feel the same between us at all! I don't wanna move on but I think I should pull away from him right now! I'm at the stage of my life where I want a meaningful relationship! I don't want to have to question where I stand with a guy anymore! So my question is, where can I go or what can I do to meet a new guy to date? I don't really go out much unless it's to the store or if I'm going to get food lol or if I'm hanging out with my Bestfriend! I don't do online dating so don't mention that lol! Any advice for places I can go to meet people? I'm tired of being single & I really like this guy BUT I can tell things aren't the same & I don't want to waste time on him when I could be with someone else who I don't have to question things with! Being single is just for the birds for me right now lol! I've been single since the summer of 2013 so I'm not a chick who NEEDS a man! I'm just at the point in my life where I am READY for love & a serious relationship! Thanks guys!


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  • Why don't you try a local gym or something like that?

    • That is a GREAT idea!!! But I don't have a gym membership plus I'm actually not into those built guys lol! That body type doesn't really attract me much

    • Then now we can say it depends on the type of the person you're looking for

    • Well I just want a handsome guy who is is honest & true & someone who I can laugh with & play with & a freak lol! Just simple things like that!

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