Why is it bad to date a coworker?

for me, coworkers are the main people I interact with post college. why do many people say not to date coworkers if you have almost no other ways to make friends and meet partners?


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  • I am in the same boat. It's hard to meet partners otherwise, but I use online dating to help.

    I would never date a coworker because you can't stay away from the person if you have a nasty break up. One of you might feel tense or uncomfortable, and you won't work together at your best. Or, one of you might just hurt for a while, especially if the other moves on quickly, and that will have the same result.

    Maybe you've never had a bad break up, but it could happen with any person. Sometimes human nature gets the best of one of you.


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  • Because it could hamper the progress of the company. Dating is shit anyway

    • classmates date and they get good grades as well

    • Its not the same thing because work is way more serious and requires working with other people or a company.

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  • Don't shit where you eat.

  • It's uncomfortable when they make out at work

    • nobody gives a shit about classmates dating

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