Why a girl you like is uncomfortable around you?

Hi guys I'm setting with a problem... a girl I went with extra maths classes with was very friendly with me.. I started getting feelings for her and I told her... she was uncomfortable and from that day she started acting strange.. she doesn't want me to flirt or call her names... she's always angry at me and we do argue... we share a mutual friend so today we hang out together. .. it was so awkward she couldn't look me into my eyes if we found ourselves alone together she would quickly find an excuse to get away... yes she has a boyfriend... all I want to know why is she so uncomfortable.


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  • Because you made a pass at her while she has a boyfriend and while she has no mutual feelings. Now your friendship is essentially ruined and its uncomfortable for her.

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    • Well I believe in not having regret, what if you spent so much time liking a person and never acted in it. Then you find out later the person liked you all along. You only have one life, so so what if somebody says it, won't matter hundred years from now, least you'll know

    • Again, to me out of respect you save that for when the person isn't romantically involved with someone else, because their feelings matter to. It shouldn't be all about the person who wants to do the professing. Chances are, if they are with someone else, there's no romantic feelings, so that stuff is better saved for a more appropriate time.

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  • Dude... u ruined ur friendship with her...
    if the feelings are not mutual and the girl just saw u as friends and u told her about ur feelings... she will now seem to be distant from u... and think of u as a guy who is a creep...
    becoz the guys who are romantically intrested never waste time in the friendzone...
    they just make eye contact and ask her out so she thinks he is an honest guy...
    but the guys who try to make friends first... usually automatically get into friend zone...
    sorry dude... better luck next time...


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  • She might have feelings for you as well. Or she just don't know how to deal with feelings being shared

  • Tell her how you feel


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  • Maybe it was creepy how you got attached to her through just friendliness, just forget about her and move on.


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