Would you date me girls? and is it easy for me to date 9/10 and 10/10 girls with my $150K job?

Im also like a 7/10 in the looks department and not shy can hold a conversation with a girl easily.


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  • Nah, because you felt it necessary to brag about how much money you make. That pretty much instantly makes you not my type.

    Plus, you're a 7/10 faceless anon, kinda suspicious.

    I'll stick to middle-glass nerdy guys.

    • look no one is going to come up to a girl and say I earn x amount you learn that after getting to know someone the phase were you decide he is a keeper or not. So based on that what would you think?

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    • so girls in general look for the whole package I guess

    • Yes, exactly.

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  • The reason why it's easy for you to date hot women is because you have money, that's pretty much it because most women probably wouldn't date you if you didn't have money

    • I reconed with a normal salary my dating pool standards would be drasticly reduced

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    • lets be honest a 8/10 and above girl would rather persue a more well off guy since its her only chance in life probably to have a glamorous ;life I saw this at college where the hottest girl went after a senior guy who came from a wealthy family, Its how it is

    • That's not how it always looks trust me I know

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  • Girls would date you but depend on their thoughts.

    • ik there has to be attraction also :)

    • It depend on their own opinion if they will date you. Money doesn't matter but appearances do.

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