Tips on how to not be shy? Please help?

Okay so i am an extrovert believe it or not. Im not shy, i can walk up to whoever , whenever. I have nooo problem talking to people , making friends , being outgoing silly friendly all of that. It comes natural, also my flirting- but thats only cause that's my personality... but because that's me guys// my friends dont believe i'm shy! So when i need help you know doing stuff with a boy who in return likes me they don't understand lol... theyre like "You talk and flirt with boys all the time you are not shy" but 1/2 the time i dont even know im flirting it just comes natrally so when im with someone i do like and im aware i have a really hard time talking and showing affection... like ky sister can just go up to her crush hold his hand and kiss all on him... id love to do that but I don't know how... id really like to know if there's any tips you all tell yourself to help you not be shy.. because im tired of having regrets like "ugh i shouldve just kissed him" or dissing him when he tries bc im shy... im missing a lot of oppurtunities and its irritating to ME lol im tired of being shy, i really want to show my affection... any suggestions?


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  • What if you just practice talking to cute guys or like random guy? You will struggle but than you won't be so afraid? Also, think of him as he just a regular guy don't put him up on a pedestal... Don't do it!!! Its best to think that he just like every other guy you talk to!


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