Is he not interested what is going on?

A guy made plans watch football with me a few weeks ago and now that tomorrow is the day we were supposed to hang out I haven't heard anything from him. He was really excited before, and was really looking forward to it but when I wanted to confirm with him at the beginning of the week he said he needed to talk to his roommate to see if he'll be around and if they are going to have a party. I don't know I felt that his answer was wisheywashey and I haven't heard anything from him since! If he doesn't want to hangout anymore that's fine but I would really appreciate it if he would at least tell me, I don't want to ask him about it again because i feel like the ball is in his court to make the next move since he said he would let me know but hasn't...
He is nervous to make plans or just not interested?


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  • he is not interested


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