I think I totally blew it with re attracting my ex?

I think I totally blew it with re attracting my ex?

Dude, the other night I slept with my ex. We had amazing sex. She even bought me dinner before that instead of me offering.

I was all creating polarity and sexual attraction but then I broke and got needy. I have texted her 9 times the past few days before she can respond. I need to get busy and do things so I dont text her any more until she responds.

I dont know. I think I might have blown it but who knows?
I mean, I know she's leaving in three weeks and I am trying to accept it as casualness or going with whatever flow that happens but I know constant texts before somebody can respond is annoying and also not attractive. But as a girs point of viewl, is there any way for a guy to explain how he feels and how he recognizes his texting habit or should I just wait?

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  • That is kind of missed up

    • messed up or missed up? and explain

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    • You are playing with her feelings

    • No Im not. How is texting her 9 times before she can respond be playing wither feelings?

      I can see how it can be annoying but I have no idea where you see that I am playing with her feelings.

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