I have no game. Can someone teach me how?

I have no game. I'm totally not smooth or sexy. Help a girl out.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Lol what kind of game are planning to have?
    Flirting or serious

    • The type of game that makes all the guys fall for me.

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    • That tells me nothing. I need instructions.

What Girls Said 1

  • game? girl do you have something going for you lilke a career? Do you want to be sexy that just wear low tops and be confident... Your selling yourself! How to be smooth? I am guessing by trial and error and by approaching. You could also practive in the mirror and see how your face look like. Practice self love everyday and dress nice. Be passionate abd be positive... now who in apple earth could resist that awesomeness!

    • No I mean sexy personality.

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    • "A girl who is driven everyday by a passion or a career"

      That doesn't help me with guys.

    • Yes it does it makes you more memorable... more desirable... more wanted. Smart guys and well mannered guys that want a gf/wife want a girl who gots her life figured out!

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