What to do when I never meet datable guys?

What you do when you want to date but I dobt really meet people irl and there is no interested guys on dating apps either?

I know I dont have high standards, but I do know im having problems with high expectations.. but that normally only a problem after I meet them. m I dont seem to meet anyone interesting.. The only guys Who have shown interest in me are guys im not even a little bit attracted to


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  • Sounds like you got some pretty high standards. I don't care where you live there are always datable people within your city. Could be doing something wrong.

    • I dont think wanting a guy is cute is too high standars. .. I dont have a set of standards that a guy must have , except from being cute.. yeah I have several things I would like indeed which would make the guy way more interested and attractive but in general guys a meet aren't attractive to me..

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    • Get @ at..

    • Get @ it.. gl

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  • Get ready for blunt honesty.

    You need to focus on yourself, and the right person will come along. Pursue something you really have a passion for... Yes, it sounds better then actually doing it. Its hard because as human beings we want to feel love and have a lover... Unfortunately life is hard, but only to the extent you want it to be. Meaning that you can control your emotions and how much effort you put into working on yourself. When you love yourself, you really start to worry less about relationships and becoming more alive. Live life, and be kind to those who deserve it. Take risks. Do things you thought youd never do. In this situation I think it all boils down to self esteem, we all have flaws but that doesn't mean we can't work on them. People who say "be happy with who you are" are right in a sense.. But if you don't like something about yourself change it. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks. Once they see that you're happy and living life they will join you. Only you can make yourself happy.. Depending on someone for your happiness causes trouble and heart ache!

    • I already know all that , but thanks Anyway :) its not something I worry about , but its a bit weird that I haven't met anyone datable font you think? I suck of Just waiting around. That why I asked this question

    • Sick *

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  • Uni- classes, house parties, gym
    Post-uni: gym, club

    • No attractive guy in any of my classes, but then again they are like 5 guys all togheter.. the gym is the best and worse place for me to meet guys.. its the best because I always feel so confidence and sexy, but its the worse because I dont want to feel like im bothering anyone. . I

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    • Im so American ya. Where r u?

    • Norway!

  • What's considered dateable to you

    • Attractive (average cute guy is good enough), interesting (likes to be active, has ambitions in life) and interested (likes me) basically lol

    • 😂💁🏻 shouldn't be hard seems like really average standards

    • I know right?

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  • Change your location?

    • What do you mean?

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    • Hmm.. I guess I have to

    • Yeah!

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