My boyfriend asked to use my credit card to buy our kids Christmas gifts but when I went on to see, he had only looked at things for himself?

Maybe I'm just getting irrititated over nothing.. However Christmas is right around the corner and I have purchased my two children about 4 gifts each. Normally they get about ten gifts each depending on our finances at that given time. My boyfriend asked to use my credit card to purchase some gifts online rather than go to the store and that was fine by me, where I know he will give me the cash for what he has purchased. However, I went on the "wish list" of items he had saved and planned to purchase (so that I wouldn't be buying the kids the same items as him) and found that he had only saved things for himself (new Xbox games, a watch, a PSP that he's been wanting for awhile, and some new shoes that he's had his eyes on for a month). The only thing he has saved that was not for himself was a necklace that says "Mimi" on it, which I'm assuming is for the rememberance of his grandmother who has passed (she died last winter).

The only reason this bothers me is because times are tough right now and he specifically asked to use it for the kids; not for himself. Mind you, he hasn't purchased anything for me at all for Birthdays, Christmas's or our Anniversary since we first got together; which is another reason why this pisses me off. He has always had this kind of "selfish" streak in him where he will go spend loads of money on himself during the holidays, leaving me to purchase almost all the other gifts for our kids, my siblings and mother, and his family combined.

How can I bring it to his attention that he either A) Needs to stop thinking of himself or B) Won't be using my money anymore to buy himself outrageously priced items. (His wish list exceeded $800 on items strictly for himself and this is all my money. He barely makes $150 a week to my $600).


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  • Ohhhhh hell no. If you want Christmas for your kids take that credit card from him and next time he ask for it ask for the cash value of what he wants in advance. Let him buy for his family too , make his azz grow the heck up. You don't have a man , you have an advanced child

  • Man. Pick a loser much?


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