Am I naive for starting completely over when I meet New guys?

Am I naive for starting completely over when i meet New guys? Most guys seem to be the same in the dating and/or sex area. I feel like im stupid for not regarding what the guy before did since guys in general think the same

I always think "new guy different person" but I can't feel like im being a bit stupid about?


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  • It shouldn't be that hard to see if the new guy is like the old guy. I mean, if your dates are always from a specific social group and they all look somewhat similar, you can assume they're the same guy.

    • But the guys I have met untill now have nothing to do with eachother

    • It doesn't have to do "with" each other. I'm talking about similarities that strike the eye first time you see them. You know, people may say otherwise but, the cover of the book is generally a very good way to estimate what's in it.

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  • We all have a lot of the same desires so that would be the same but personality differs a lot, your just gaining experience by dating different guys


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