Girls 18-24, Is a shaved head on a prematurely baldibg 20 year old a turn off?

I know its not a preference probably but it's not a dealbreaker roght? Could you date a young guy who shabed his head from early hairloss?
  • Yes, even shaved baldness is a turn off physically
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  • No, a young guy who shaves his head from early baldibg can still be physically attractive to me
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  • People older than 19-24 please vote this
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If you throw in a beard then I'd say its true love.

    • My condition affects hair on my face as well :/

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  • It depends do I like this guy?

    • Assume you get along socially I just mean for the physical aspect

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    • You don't have too but just so you don't sully data by saying yes when really it's no to what I partocularly asked

    • yeah I voted!

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