The last date I went on ended in disaster; I'm going on a date tomorrow and I am nervous that it will end the same way. What should I do?

I went on a date with a guy about a month ago; and it was one mess up after another in my part. First, I got us lost while trying to navigate us to this Bar that he found online. I don't drink at all, so I didn't know where it was. He took the wrong street and we were lost for thirty five minutes. Then when we finally got to the bar he was already pretty upset and said he was in need of something strong. I was embarrassed and tried to keep up a conversation; but he didn't seem all that interested. He then suggested we go across the street to see a movie that he wanted to see. I agreed. When we got there he kept checking his phone and leaving to go to the bathroom supposedly. He would be gone for a long time and come back with his phone in hand. When the movie ended, my legs braces (I am paralyzed) got stuck to the end of his pants because we were sitting too close. He yanked his pants from my braces and got mad. I was mortified. We got into the car and he randomly started kissing me. I told him that we shouldn't kiss and he agreed. He then you me home. He asked me out for the next week, and then texted me an hour later telling me that I was the worst date he has ever had and that he didn't like me because of my body and legs. He told me that we could be friends instead. I told him no, and that was the end of that. Since then I have met a really nice guy through a friend and he asked e out for tomorrow. I am excited but nervous at the same time. In so worried that I will mess up this date like the last one. What should I do?


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  • Just try your best to stay as confident as you can. Keep calm with your mind on what's going on as it happens.
    If your mind wonders off about the last date, try to stop asap and get your confidence going again. Keep your mind on your current date.


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  • That guy sounds like an absolute douchebag! There's no reason to think your date tomorrow will go the same way, just try to relax and enjoy it.


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