Guys, Do you think that a nose that's inappropriate for a girls face, can ruin her appeal completely?

And no, I dont mean a FREAKISHLY big, disfigured nose, just the ones that are slightly more noticeable. She can have nice hair, nice eyes/body a cool personality, but is her ''strange'' nose enough to turn you off?
  • Yes, I could never date a girl with a larger nose - I'm just that shallow.
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  • No, I don't really care, as I think that attraction depends on more than just one factor.
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  • Yes, it actually and really bothers me.
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  • No, I could overlook her flaw if I fall in love with her.
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What Guys Said 1

  • when you become a real man you will look over past all that you'll fall in love none of that will matter a companion is what you need in your life stop worrying about the little things the big things are the things that are for the problems and life take me for example I haven't disable no legs missing sight on an eye my hands are numb I can't feel them my now that is something to worry about but a little messed up nose if it bothers her that she could get a plastic surgery but if it don't bother her I'm alright with it if people don't like it they don't have to look at her


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