Girls, Why does she do this?

This is gonna be a long story, it started out Junior year of highschool and on the first day I saw this super gorgeous girl in one of classes and I instantly fell for her. Then one day in the year I noticed that whenever I would look down to write something ( she was facing me on a different table) the girl would look at me and when I would look back at her she would instantly turn her head away from me and then she would slowly move her head back at me and when we met eyes she would look away again (I made sure to check behind me for posters or something but there was nothing but a blank wall). This kept going on for a month until I talked to her, Eventully throughout the year we became mutual friends in class and we would work on assignments ( she sat infront of me facing me this time) she would ask for my help I don't know why? she is exteremly smart, I'm not sure why she would need my help since im
not that smart and she laughed at me when I burned my finger in an experiment, she would also play with her hair and suck on her lips a lot don't know if that meant anything , one day however I gathered the courage to approach her alone after class and when I said hi (her name) how are you? doing she dropped her books and I helped pick them up. We had a super, super awkward conversation after that, we had minutes of awkward silences throughout it. That was the only time I talked to her alone outside of class. Later on because of some instances I was moved out of the class and never saw her after that. It's Fourth year now and I see her again walking through the hallways and at lunch. She still looks gorgeous, but whenever we pass in the hallways it's like we have eye contact but she never says anything and neither do I. It feels very awkward making eye contact with her its the same type of look she was giving me back then the "look and look away stare" Why do you think she does this?


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  • Give it some time and you'll both forget about it


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