How to make a better first impression / more conversation?

Okay so I've been going out every weekend and when i do i always talk to girls and meet to people so im passed me being nervous around girls, i can pretty much talk to any girl now without being nervous and give them compliments and ask them questions but im trying to make a better first impression because when i do talk to girls it consists of introducing ourselves, me telling them they're attractive or whatever word i feel like using and then asking for their number right after and then they dont usually text me back so how can i make the best first impression to insure they want to text me back really badly. Do i just make a conversation about whatever the fuck? and then ask for their number at the end? Like i said im good at conversation and im literally not nervous at all i just need some help on what can improve my first impression


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  • They get nervous

    • Doubt it

    • Try to calm them down when you talk to them

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