What is the most interesting or annoying question u have ever been asked on a 1st date?

Like when u go on a 1st date and your asking each other questions to get to know one another, such as "what hobbies do you like to do" or "What do u want in a relationship?" But What's the one question that you been asked on a 1st date that u found most interesting or annoying lol?

For example, interesting: "What is the most random thing you've ever watched all the way through on Netflix?"
Annoying: "What went wrong between u & ur last relationship?" Or "How much money do u make?"


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  • Had a girl ask if I ever blew a guy. Then asks if I swallowed.

    Annoying one -- so what do you think about us? Like wtf. ? Slow down biatch. See Ya !

    • Wow lol Geeze. What did u say back to her when she said "so what do think about us?" Lol

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    • Haha crazy night.

    • I call bullshit.

      What kind of skank hoe was that chic you took on a date? Only some total pig would ask such a thing. Your just making up horse shit.
      Do you swallow? You must of taken your sister on a date.
      FAIL. !! No one believe your nonscense. Fantasy

  • I got asked about the D.

    • Omg she asked u what it look like and stuff?

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    • Nah I stayed single.

    • Oh okay then. :)

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