Why do guys do this?

Why do guys always want you to be there when they step out in a relationship or move on with another girl? But when you do the same thing they act jealous or act like they have a say in your life?


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  • I'm guessing you are 16-17 like me..

    I don't know what your situation is, but I'm going to tell you mine and maybe you can relate.

    I have tried to look for relationships, and 'young love' but at this age I'm going to be very blunt and honest with you. You are not going to find anything serious, guys the same age or older. You most likely dont have yourself figured out yet and that's why you are attracting the wrong guys... Try your best to find your passions in life and stick with those. We unfortunately don't get to pick and choose who we want to date. Things like that just happen, if its with the right person of course... We have years and years of experience we need to learn live through. Being 16-17 for me is very hard and rough, but you have to stick threw it and suck it up until you are more mature and know you place in this world. Be there for the ones that are there for you threw thick and thin and never ever let your guard down.. You have to put yourself first sometimes. I hope this was help to you! You're not alone.


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  • This is a maturity issue once guys are a little more mature not though. It's actually the other way they can come across as blunt and uncaring. I personally find that most guys prefer a clean break. I have never been able to stay friends with an ex. Mostly because it's unaware to her anne any future woman is going to find it very tough with an ex in his life.


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  • Because some guys are just unfair but it's reality is just that you should move on with out them wanting you there just leave it.

  • Guys suffer with their head.


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