What does it mean when a guy wants you to be yourself?

At first he said "you're weird 😘" then I said oh sorry I won't be weird then and then he said "no I like when you are you, be yourself" what does that mean? But then after that he said he had to go to bed and said goodnight but then later on he was online (social media)


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  • He likes you and doesn't want you to stop whatever he says is weird... Be who you are, don't hide your weirdness , because part of what he's attracted to is the weird/quirky things that make you unique :-) he's complimenting you when he says your weird.


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  • It means he wants to get to know you, not the fake you. He's is probably into you and wants to get closer and more comfortable.


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  • He was just trying to flirt with you but when you said "oh sorry, i won't be weird." he felt like he messed it up so he had to try to fix it by telling you to continue doing whatever you are doing and not change at all. He wants to stay the same because he likes you the way you are.
    I think he just used a poor choice of words.
    The going to bed, goodnight, and social media part seem irrelevant. He could of wanted to go to sleep but he couldn't so he got on social media. Who really knows? I wouldn't worry or think about that.


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