How much do looks affect your feelings to date or hookup with someone?

I guess I'm trying to ask what numbers you would date AND hookup with on the 1-10 scale, if you had to choose.
I of course understand that chemistry, timing, etc, very often influence relationships, often even more than looks, but I'm saying in general.
  • 1-3s with an amazing personality
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  • 4-6s with alright personality, but sometimes gets on your nerves
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  • 7-9s with the average personality, sometimes okay, sometimes not
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  • Only perfect 10s with a horrible personality
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Im not really into the idea of casual sex but id consider it because I currently lack experience and feel like I'm waay behind most of the girls in my dating pool. So it's not my ideal but I'm open to it at some point.

    If I was to have a fwbs she'd have to be a 6. As a guy it's harder to find girl willing to have nsa sex. Plus girl are often more selective when hooking up so if I'm getting free sex I can't be too picky. Personality only matter to the extent that she is trustworthy, competent enough to take birth control, and not a complete bitch.

    For a relationship I'd probably be pickier and go for 7-8s because if I'm going to wait for the sex and take her out on dates then I'd be more selective about her looks. My standards for personality would also drastically go up. I be willing to lower my standards on looks if I get the vibe that she doesn't sleep around. However if I'm going to commit to a girl who has slept around then my standards for looks will stay the same.


Most Helpful Girl

  • There needs to be physical attraction for the desire to be present in the first place.


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  • I'd rate every girl I've ever had a crush on at least a 7. I think my crush right now is a 8 or 8.5


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