Why would a guy I'm talking to not want to hang out with me?

I've been texting with a guy for a pretty long time now and he never wants to meet up. We tak about it and then he will cancel. He tells me he rely like me. Why would he want to keep texting with me, but not want to actually ever hang out. I know for a fact he doesn't have a girlfriend.


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  • He just likes your attention.
    That is my first guess


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  • how do you know for a fact that he doesn't have a gf?

    • We follow each on IG and are Facebook friends. And I'm friends with some of his friends

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    • In real life. We didn't meet online. He got my number and we text all the time but he never wants to meet up and actually hang out.

    • thats all fine if you are okay with it.
      i have had that experience.. i didn't care aobu this text or say how much he cares for me. i don't like to waste my time.
      so i continue to talk and i date others till i meet someone i like. i now have a wonderful boyfriend. if thats your goal, dodnt let this want take up that part of your life

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  • He's probably just bored and enjoys talking to you

    • But doesn't want more?

    • I don't know but you think if he did he would have met up with you

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