Friend likes me... what now?

So I made a previous post about this asking if this guy liked me and turns out you guys were totally right. We met the next day and I straight up asked him if he liked me and he went "Yes" and then he paused and said after that that he wouldn't date me because he's never been in a relationship before so he wouldn't want to unintentionally hurt my feelings, because I had previously told him that a past relationship went awry because that guy didn't show any affection or anything.
I appriciate that he doesn't want to hurt me or my feelings, by fucking up a relationship unintentionally, but I'm kinda pissed at the same time because in my opinion he's just scared and that's preventing a potentially awesome relationship (I've dated a few people that I didn't feel this way about, and I feel like we could be a really cute couple). It's not like I have a huge crush on him, but I do have a moderate crush on him (I'm not in love or even in deep like) so I don't particualarly feel like I'm being rejected (even though I kind of am being rejected).
I know I have to respect his wishes to just not date, but what do I do? I've honestly never been rejected before and this is kind of weird for me. I certainly don't want to push him into a relationship, so should I move on or should I just wait a little while and see if he changes his mind? It's not like I have men waiting in the wings for me, but I just don't want to get stuck on one guy forever that doesn't see a relationship in the future with me.


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  • Tell him there is a first for everything, and say we can make this relationship work together. :)

    • I tried joking around right after he told me all that and I said "well there's a first for everything" and he just kind of laughed it off.

    • Well shit... As a guy that dude is weird. Don't know what to say.

    • haha thanks for your help anyways :)

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