My friend likes the same guy I like, what should I do?

I really like this guy who I'm friends with and have known him for a while, normally I find it quite easy to talk to guys but with him I get so nervous and stutter and stuff and when I talk to him I can't even look at him eughh. Last week we where all at a coffee shop after school ( a big group of us) and when we left him an I got the same bus home because we live near each other but it was accidnetly the wrong bus and went to my stop and not his but I think he might have known it wasn't the right bus, and he ended up getting of at my stop and walking the rest of the way home but it was really awkward. And then on Saturday we all met in town before going to my friends party and we where the first to arrive but we didn't really talk much but later in the night when we where at her house and I had a bit to drink he was the one that looked after me and everybody kept saying we were a really cute couple and felt really happy and stuff :') we go to different schools but a lot of schools that are near each other all get the same school busses so I saw him at the bus station a couple times this week we waved and stuff but we always make really awkward eye contact every time we meet up in a group and then he does this cute little smile and I do one back. About a month ago we where going to a party but all had to walk through a bunch of fields to get there and held hands in a line but after everyone had let go we stayed holding hands and then he offered me a piggy back but for some reason I said no :/// and his best friends told me that he's really shy around girls he likes so I'm not sure if he likes me because He definitely is different around me than my other friends that are girls, and some how we always have little side conversations but they are like awkward and my stomach gets all butterflyfish. Also I could barely sleep last night because I found out my friend who met last week fancies him and yesterday she kept flirting but I wasn't sure if he was into it or not, what do you think? And also what should I do about her likening him?


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  • Too much text, I say choose yourself , always do

  • Be more open to him. Most guys are shy about making the first move. So I suggest you tell him how you feel. It seems he might like you back and your friend will see this and should understand to back off.


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