He still gets on Tinder? But why?

First off, we met on Tinder weeks ago. We texted each other the first couple weeks. Finally met up, everything was friendly & casual. Lately we've been busy and haven't had a chance to hang out again, but we text everyday until late at night. Over text we flirt, call each other "cuddle/snuggle buddies" and he's talked about what we're going to do next when we hang out. He says he likes me and I'm fun to be around and he thinks I look amazing... Yet, he's still on Tinder. He changed his photos too.

Yes, I know we aren't exclusive or in a relationship, so I know he's under no obligation to stop using Tinder. But when I'm interested in someone, I don't really focus on anyone else. He seems like he's into me, especially since he says all those sweet things and wants to hang again.

I just don't get why guys still have the urge to get on Tinder when they're *supposedly* interested in someone? Simply want to know why guys do this, because this isn't the first time this has happened to me.


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  • Maybe he isn't sure about u and so he's keeping his options open


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  • Keeping his options open

  • My thoughts too. Based from my experience, he's into multiple dating which you can't really do anything about it.


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